4 Right Steps to Buy Stocks for Beginners

Sangkolan.com – 4 Right Steps to Buy Stocks for Beginners – How to Buy Stocks for Beginners There are four steps you must take when you want to buy stocks as long-term investment capital. Here are the steps:

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1. Determine the stock company in advance: The first thing you do when you want to buy a stock is to identify the stock company where the stock is traded. Securities companies are intermediaries for buying and selling shares and assisting the process of opening accounts on the Indonesia Stock Exchange or IDX.

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To choose a stock company, make sure it is listed on the IDX. For a complete list, please check the official website of the Exchange Authority. Recommended by a 42 year old woman with a baby face: She does it before bed, that’s how it is!

4 Right Steps to Buy Stocks for Beginners
4 Right Steps to Buy Stocks for Beginners

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2. Opening of a Customer Fund Account A customer’s fund account or RDN is an account owned by an investor to conduct buying and selling transactions in the capital market. To open RDN, there are several steps:

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Prepare the required documents or files. You need a Resident Identity Card (WNI) or Limited Stay Permit Card (Kitas), a foreign citizen’s passport (WNA), and a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP).

If the applicant is a student who does not yet have an NPWP, he or she can attach an NPWP to one of the parents. If the applicant is a housewife, she can attach her husband’s TIN number.

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Also prepare a photocopy of the front of your ledger and prepare two pieces of stamp duty. The next step, select the security where you created the account. You can choose a securities bank that has been supervised by the Financial Services Authority or OJK.

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Fill in the form and all required information. After that, you can make an initial deposit on RDN.

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The initial deposit value is different for each securities bank. In general there are around Rp. 100 thousand rupiah. 3 million.

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3. Select the stock After getting the RDN, you can immediately choose the stock you want to buy. To select stocks, you can use the stock app.

However, before you decide to buy shares of a company, be sure to read the financial statements and other matters relating to the company’s performance.

Careful thought should be given to stocks used in long-term investments. Buy stocks from companies that have good fundamentals.

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For starters, you can buy preferred stock or stock owned by a company with a good reputation or track record. This type of stock tends to increase in value from year to year, making it suitable for long-term investment.

If you are sure about the stock, you can buy it right away.

4. Monitoring the Market After taking the steps on how to buy shares, you can then monitor market conditions from time to time.

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No need to check the portfolio every day, but just monitor it through social media or other media that check stock prices every day.

You can increase the shares you own by buying them when the market value drops, so you can earn big profits in the future. Source : lingkarberita.com

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