Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris X 2 : Self Identity

Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris : Self Identity

Now Read and write this lesson to your book, then do the task below.

Aside from relevant information required according to the kind of form we are filling, form usually asks for the information about our identity. Sometimes, we need to ask and tell about self identity to other people. Below are some expressions of asking and telling about identity that you may use.

 Asking about identity

What is your name ?
Could you spell your name, please ?
Where do you live ?
What grade are you ?
What is your occupation ?

Telling about identity

My name is Adrian Lee
Yes. It is A-d-r-i-a-n L-e-e
I live at 15 Marinara Street, new York City
I am in the tenth grade ( I am in grade ten )
I am a Student.

What is introduction ?
Introduction is an expression of introduction to know one\’s identity, we need to introduce ourselves to a clearer communication process with whom we talk, about what we are talking about and other conditions.
There are two forms of introduction that is formal and informal
introduce myself !
a.   formal introduction
A formal introduction is used when you introduce yourself in a formal room for example. Self in front of class, workroom, meeting room  and Official forums, such as seminars ,. Formal intakes are used in formal situations.
Here are some Exspression and Responses for formal introduction

Expression Formal Introduction

·                     Good morning. My name is Beny
·                     Please, allow me to introduce myself.
·                     May I introduce myself. My name is Kasih
·                     Would you mind if I introduce myself. My name is Kasih        
·                     Let me introduce myself        
·                     I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kasih
·                     Good evening. My name is Beny.
·                     May I introduce myself? I’m Beny.
·                     Let me introduce myself. My name is Beny.
·                     How do you do? My name is Beny.
·                     Good morning, how do you do?
·                     How do you do, nice to meet you?
·                     Oh, hello, nice to meet you
·                     I am Kasih / my name’s Kasih
·                     Hi /Hello Mr Beny
·                     Hi, I’m Kasih. Glad to meet you.
·                     Hello. My name’s Kasih. Pleased to meet you.
·                     Good evening. I’m Kasih. How do you do?
·                     How do you do? My name is Kasih. Nice to meet you.
Example of formal Introduction :
– Let me intoduce my self. My name is Ismail. I’m sixteen year old. I was born an Oktober 17th 1987 in Subang, where I live till nowdays. I study at SMK Subang.
– let me introduce myself. My name is ARIE DWI PRASETYO, and you can call me “ARIE”. I am one of a million babies who will be born in the Indonesia in 1994. I was born in Mojokerto on 18th October 1994. I live at Anjasmoro street, Bangun village, RT/RW: 003/001, Dk. Ploso. Subdistrict: Pungging, Regency: Mojokerto, Post Code: 61384. I am studying in SMK Negeri 5 Surabaya in the 12th grade with the skills competencies of Chemical Industry.My hobbies are cycling, listen the music , reading comics, watch movie and comedy because that all make me happy and entertain my self. I was the youngest of two sisters. I have one sister, her name is Weni Piji Lestari. She was married with one child. I have pleasant personality. I’m very friendly,sometimes Iam shy if I meet new people. Sometimes I become annoying person and selfish. I like study hard and I smile a lot. :DI have a parents who very loving me. They are never mind to accept all my desire. After I am finishing my study, I want to give my parents is happiness that previous ever they give me.
– Let me introduce myself.
My name is Auliya Izzatunisa, but you can call me izza.
I am Indonesian. I live at Pemuka street no 15.
I was born in Bandar lampung on January 25th,2002. So I am 13 years old now.
I study at Junior High School 2 Bandar lampung.
My hobbies are singing and cooking.
I have two sisters but I don’t have any brother.
My father is a teacher and my mother is a house wife.
My phone number is 081934755213.
Nice to meet you
b. Informal Introduction
Informal introduction is used when you introduce yourself to someone at about the same age with you. Informal introduction id used in a non formal situation. Usually used on unofficial events or forums, such as introductions when in public meet new friends or friends. Commonly used words are as follows :
Here are some Exspression and Responses for informal introduction
 Expression Informal introduction
·         Hello, I am Kasih Nice to meet you 
·         Hi, I am Kasih Nice to meet you
·         Excuse me. I am Kasih what’s your ?
·         Hi, what’s your name ?
·         Hi, I am Beny. Nice to meet you 
·         Hello, I am Beny  Nice to meet you
·         I am Beny
·         Hello. I am Beny / My name’s
Example of  informal introduction :
Hi friends My name is Jack Ortiz. But please call me Jack or Carlitos. Carlitos is a Spanish name which means that Masculine in English. I was born in Texas on 31 October 1998. I am 18 years old. I live at Austin No. 40 Round Rock, Texas. I live with my parents. I am single and I am a student. I study at The University of Texas. I have taken a Business as my majoring.
How to create a good Introduction?

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The thing you should know is about the 3 main points in conveying a material:

·         Opening
·         Main Idea
·         Closing
A.   Opening
Is the first step where you should open by saying greeting.
Greeting has 2 types:
1.      Formal / Official: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening.
2.      Informal / Unofficial: Hi, Hello
Example in the sentence:
1.      Good morning Mr. Rudolph, I would like to introduce myself. (Formal)
2.      Hi friends, I will introduce myself. (Informal)
B.     Main Idea
Is the essence of the material to be delivered. In this case the Introduction.
What are the content in Introduction?
§  Name
§  Place and Date Born
§  Age
§  Address
§  Status
§  Religion
§  Blood Code
§  Hobby
§  Family Background
1.       Name
Name there are 2 kinds:
§  Full Name – Original Name
§  Nick Name – Popular Name
2.       Place and Date Born
To make a sentence about Place and Date Born you will use the preposition:
§  ·In to Place
§  ·On for Date
Example in Sentence:
I was born in Texas on 31 October 1998
3.       Age
Example in Sentence:
§  ·I am 18 years old.
4.        Address
Example in Sentence:
§  ·I live in Texas. Still common
§  ·I live at Austin No 40 Round Rock, Texas. Specific lebis
5.       Status / Status
Status has 2 types:
§  ·Marital Status / Relationship
§  ·Occupation
Example in Sentence:
§  ·I am single. – Marital Status.
§  ·I am a student. – Occupation.
6.        Religion
Example in Sentence:
<!–[if mso & !supportInlineShapes & supportFields]> SHAPE  \\* MERGEFORMAT <![endif]–><!–[if mso & !supportInlineShapes & supportFields]> <![endif]–>     I am a Moslem.
§  ·If you are Muslim – I am a Moslem.
§  ·If you are Christian – I am a Christian.
§  ·If you are Hindus – I am a Hindoo.
§  ·If you are Buddhist-I am a Buddhist.
7.       Blood Code
Example in Sentence:
§  My blood code is O
8.       Hobby
·                      Hobbies are important in delivering introductory material / Introduction. Because of the hobby of chatter can be closer and familiar.
Example in Sentence :
·                      ·I like playing the guitar and listening to the music.
9.        Family Background
For Family Background, you can simply introduce your family in general.
Before introducing your family, it\’s a good idea to open it using the following sentence:
·                      ·I would like to tell my family.
C.      Closing
Is a cover sentence or often called Leave Taking
Example in Sentence:
·                      ·I think that\’s enough. Thanks for your time and your attention. It\’s nice to see you.
Task 1
Listen and fill in the blanks with the words provided in the box !
Tony : hi,my name is Tony. (1)…………………..?
Lyra : my name is Lyra.(2) ……………………….Tony.
Tony : nice to meet you too Lyra. By the way (3) ……………………?
Lyra : I live in JL.Murakata no 17. How’s about you ?
Tony : (4)…………..…., I live at 15.
Lyra : really ? That\’s good, (5)………………….?
Tony : Yes, of course.
Lyra : by the way Do you have a sister at home?
Tony .(6)………………. And you ?
Lyra : (7)………………. , She is very cute and adorable.
Tony : really ? I really like the little ones.
Lyra : You can meet my sister just come to my house later.
Tony : Yes surely I will later to your house.
Lyra : by the way What are your hobbies ?
Tony : (8)………………., Because i love sports. And you ?
Lyra : (9)…………………, Because my mom also likes to cook.
Tony : Very good, I like it.
Lyra :  I think enough. (10)…………………
Tony : See you later too Lyra
what is your name        
nice to meet you   
Yes i have a sister        
where do you live  
No, I\’m an only child      
so we are neighbor
See you later Tony
my hobby is footbal and basketball   
 my hobby is cooking
can I visit you later
Task 1
Retell the conversition  below !
Formal conversition
Today is the first day at school for Dian. She meets Rian. Then, they introduce each other.
Dian : Good morning. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Dian.
Rian : Good morning. My name is Rian. Nice to meet you.
Dian : Nice to meet you too. We are in the same class, right? I saw your name in the students’ list of my class:
Rian : Yeah, right. By the way, what book is that?
Dian : This is a book about cooking
Rian : Oh, so you like cooking? I like cooking too.
Dian : Really? Good, so I have a friend to share with. Anyway, I must go now. Bye.
Rian : Bye. Take care.
   Informal conversation
Lina is reading a book in the city park. There is someone , Tuti, approaching her.
Tuti : Excuse me. Do you mind if I sit beside you? I’m waiting my friend.
Lina : No. It’s OK. My name is Lina.
Tuti : Hi, I’m Tuti.nice to meet you ?
Lina : nice to meet you too Lina
Task 2
Make a conversations introduce yourself in pairs And read in front of the class !
____________________________________     _________________________________    
 ____________________________________     _________________________________      
 ____________________________________     _________________________________      
____________________________________     _________________________________    
 ____________________________________     _________________________________      
 ____________________________________     _________________________________      
Task  3
Answer the questions below Orally !
1.       What do you say if you introduce your self ?
2.       What expression do you use when you introduce yourself ?
3.       What do you say if someone say “pleased to meet you” ?
4.       Mention the expressions of introducing ?
5.       What is your response  if someone say “how do you do ? : to you
Task 1
Read the details column and fill in the main idea below !
Main idea
Hannah tells about ?
– Hannah knew Alia from Caroline.
– Caroline told Hannah that Alia wanted to have pen pals from USA.
Hannah tells about ?
– She is 16 years old.
– She attends Thomas Edison High School in Minneapolis.
– She has two brothers and two half sisters.
– Her father died a few years ago,so her mother runs the house and the family business.- Her father used to be a barista.
Hannah tells about ?
– She likes music.
– She likes sports, especially tennis and basketball.
– She loves animals very much.
– She really likes to discuss with her Hmong friends about different cultures that they have.
– Her favorite subjects at school are art and geography.
– She’d like to become some kind of outdoor guide when she graduates.
Task 2
Choose the right answer a,b,c or d for the questions below !
Dialogue 1
Nadin : Good morning, First of all I would like to introduce my self. my full name is Nadina Salsabillah Putri, and may I know your name?
Fairuz  : Good morning too, I would like to introduce my self to you. My name is Fairuz Athallah Huda.
1.    What form of introducing above ?
a.    Informal introduction    
b.    Formal introduction
c.     a and b right
d.    Ordinary conversation   
Dialogue 2
Deni      :  Hello, Ahmad.
Ahmad  :  Hi, Deni. Nice to see you.
Deni      :  Nice to see you, too. How are you?
Ahmad  :  Fine, thank you. And you?
Deni      :  I am quite well, thanks.
2.    The italicized expressions above to express….
a.     an advice
b.     a complaint
c.     an introduction myself
d.     a informal greeting
Mona is a new member of iTapuih club. She introduces herself.
3.    Mona : Ladies and Gentlemen _______ .
a. Allow me to introduce myself
b. I\’m happy to meet you
c. Let me introduce you to the audience
d. May I introduce you to the audience
Andy : ______ .
Mona : Not so bad
4.    To complete the dialogue, the suitable expression is ?
a. Hello
b. Nice to meet you
c. Hi
d. How is everything with you?
May I introduce myself?
5. The underlined word has the same meaning as?
a.  Acquaint        
b.  Deduce 
c.  Contest
d.  Annoy
 Task 1
Choose one and Make a simple dialogue about introduction based on the situation of the sentence bellow !
1.      Dani and Dewi are new neighbor. They meet on the way and introduce each other.
2.      Mrs.Tika wants to cooperate with Mr. Joni\’s company. They are in first meeting.
3.      ranti meets her teacher Mr.Bakri at the post office. But Mr.Bakri forgets her, so she introduces herself to Mr.Bakri
4.      Dido is a new employee. he introduce himself to Rudi, the marketing staff manager of his office
5.      Nina and Kasih are new classmates, they introduce herself.
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