ENGLISH VOCABULARY PRACTICE: Idioms using \’to come\’

1. This job is too (stressed-out/stressful).

2. There\’s a lot of work, but I can (deal/handle) it.

3. I was (hired/heard) last month.

4. They (fired/failed) two of my co-workers, and I\’m afraid I might be next.

5. I work (at/in) sales.

6. My (commute/communion) (= the time it takes me to get to work) isn\’t so bad.

7. The company has a reputation for treating their (employees/employed) well.

8. I usually don\’t eat in the (lunchroom/lunch-zone). I go out to eat.

9. The dress (code/cut) is casual.

10. I\’m thinking about (quitting/stopping) my job.