Live Streaming Sudirman Cup 2021 Japan vs Malaysia

Live Streaming Sudirman Cup 2021 Japan vs Malaysia – Today, Thursday (30.09.2021), the 2021 Sudirman Cup schedule will be filled with 4 Group B and D matches at the Areena Energy Stadium, Vantaa, Finland. The duel between Taiwan and South Korea (14.00 WIB), Germany and France (14.00 WIB), Britain and Egypt (20.00 WIB) and Japan against Malaysia (20.00 WIB) can be watched live .

The list of teams that have reached the quarter -finals of the Sudirman Cup 2021 has been confirmed. In Group A, China is the group champion and Thailand is the second. Meanwhile, Indonesia and Denmark advanced in Group C.

Ditto for Group B (Taiwan and South Korea) and Group D (Japan and Malaysia). Not only is there a certainty of who will win the group and who will win second place. This confidence is essential to the draw for the 1/8 final of the Sudirman Cup, which will take place on Friday (10.01.2021).

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Sudirman Cup Schedule Today Japan – Malaysia Live

Currently, control of Group D is still held by Japan. This time they performed optimally in the Sudirman Cup with good results in the first two matches. After topping Egypt 5-0, Kento Momota and his friends beat England by the same margin.

One of the intense matches that took place in the meeting with England was the men’s singles match between Kento Momota and Johnny Toryussen. At the start of the first game, Momota was 6: 2 behind.

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When Toryussen seemed to be going to play his opening game, Momota stood. He won 22-20. In the second match, the Japanese athletes in the men’s singles event felt comfortable and far ahead 21-10.

Malaysia is now on par with Japan, but lost by a number of wins in the set. In the first match on Monday (09/27/2021), Malaysia beat England 3-2. In the next match, they beat Egypt with an absolute victory 5-0.

In this edition, the Malaysian team consists of young athletes who are only 22 years old. This makes Malaysia the youngest team in this Sudirman Cup competition.

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However, this does not mean that Malaysia does not seek victory. The older players still carried by them, are pair Peck Yen Wei (25) and Chea Yi Si (25). In addition, there are also 2 male couples Aarin Chia (24 years old) and So Woo Yik (23 years old).

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You can watch the 2021 Sudirman Cup match live on TVRI and TV Champions. Below we provide you the link.

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