The A-Z of a Successful Trader

The A-Z of a Successful Trader
The A-Z of a Successful Trader

Salinan Kepmenpan RB Nomor 1197 Tahun 2021 Tentang Jabatan Fungsional Yang Dapat Diisi Oleh PPPK – The A-Z of a Successful Trader, Forex trading is made up of well-educated people. The discipline and self-control that have specialized in the foreign exchange market for many years have led to the mastery of real trading skills.

Successful trading works like a highly trained military team. Like a good soldier, The professional trader must visualize the battle before engaging in combat with his opponent. To achieve victory, both soldiers and merchants had to take appropriate steps before acting.

“Sacred Market” and “Order”

The market treats all traders equally. It is the implementation of the correct strategy that determines the fate of the trader. Becoming a successful trader is a testament to the tremendous work needed before the market opens and business hours. Just order benefits and monitor incentives. ordered samples “Come back to earn more” non-stop

Preparation Is More than Half the Battle.

The key to successful trading is good planning. A good trader is one who knows what he is looking for. He or she will put the necessary time and effort into researching and developing a strategic plan that includes both short-term and long-term goals.

Planning involves making a list of actions required for a successful trading day. In other words, an action that should be profitable.

The first step is to review the previous day’s trade records to prepare for the next trade. The second step is to analyze the chart to find the currency pair you will follow, and finally the third step is to set up your trading platform. This is done by reading the latest global economic data from the International Economic Calendar. This will show if recent economic events have influenced the currency you are watching.

Increase Your Trading Sensation

Free trade ownership is an advantage for every trader. But it takes years of practice to develop such skills. Most traders use a sixth sense to find and exploit asynchronous opportunities within and between markets.

Traders, like managers, must rely on their analysis and intuition to find trading mechanisms at the right time. However, novice traders can develop this feeling and earn consistently by following the trader’s risk and reward principle. Strict Forex Trading This principle requires careful study of what risks a trader will take.

100% discipline

The best traders have a strong sense of their own worth. They know their limits and focus on what can go wrong, putting their energy into limiting and controlling risk.

The most important step to being successful in Forex trading is sticking to your strategy. Carefully designed roadmaps guide traders through the fundamental and technical analysis required to interpret price movements. Translation of technical indicators and determination of ideal trading positions. A good trader is a disciplined trader. He was like a hunter preparing for today to reach the perfect trade agreement.

He chooses the correct stop-loss point that determines the acceptable amount of risk. It never lends itself to more than the most effective risk. He never clung to greed, fear, hope, or regret. and don’t expect over-success. His ability to make great decisions does not allow other opinions to mislead him. And he doesn’t analyze too much or trade too much. despite his success, he remains humble and always gives honest advice to new traders and fellow traders.

Run Away from The Need for Money

Successful traders view trading as an exercise. And they focus on getting the most out of the market according to their plan. In short, good traders shouldn’t get any financial gain. If this rule is violated, unfortunately, this often happens. The market will reverse and move against any trader who is too picky about money.

Greed is the main enemy of all traders. This is a major obstacle to success. The desire to own does not have to control the actions of the trader. The consequences of this loss of control are often disastrous. Trading in small portions is an opportunity to earn money within a certain period of time, subject to all the rules. However, it is also an opportunity for self-realization and a fruitful test of skills, the most valuable and should be respected like this

Standing Like a Rock

A good trader must follow the rules of his strategy. He must not allow emotions such as greed, fear, hope, and regret to overwhelm him. In particular, these are the four worst emotions for traders. Traders who are consistently profitable have an unwavering emotional system regardless of the conditions.
and greed Managing emotions while trading is also challenging. The first thing a trader should do is follow a strategy that is comfortable for him. to avoid emotion, traders must enter trades with realistic expectations. Bet a reasonable amount of money. and learn to enjoy trading with less risk, gain experience and develop confidence in the strategy

Adapt to Change

The best traders always strive to learn and develop their skills to keep up with the constant changes in the market and technology. Traders need to be flexible enough to deal with technical advances and read carefully.

In an ever-changing Forex environment, traders need to be flexible. If the market sends him something unexpected, the Trader must be able to analyze and act quickly. Success in the Forex market requires a dynamic learning process. where traders understand the volatility of the market and gain the necessary experience to make a profit.

Have Good Decision Making Skills

Successful traders have excellent decision-making skills. When you find out that your trade closed at a loss. start immediately Successful trading is based on sound judgment and is essential to the relevance of the information currently collected. Successful traders also have the power to make decisions.

The main difference between professional Forex traders and newbies is that they first know what they are looking for and when they should enter the market.

Reputed successful Forex brokers abide by each of these rules. They work hard to be successful and even harder to stay ahead and stay profitable. They know that the market will reject those who do not obey these rules about money because trading is a practice of passion. not greed

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