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Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris X 1 : Filling the form

Filling the form

In the end of the
lesson, you are expected to be able to :

  • Read the form

  • Understand the form

  • Ask and give
    information about self identity and other relevant information to
    fill a form

  • Analyze the part of

  • Analyze the social
    function, text structure and language feature of forms.

Now let’s begin !


If you are new
employee in a company, your company might ask you to fill out a form
about your identity and family data for filling the company’s
employee’s data. In a bank, you will need to fill out a form if you
wan o save or withdraw money, or if you want to open a new bank

At school, in
university and other institutions too, there are many situations in
which you have to fill out a form. Have you ever filled a form before
?? I’m sure you all have.

In this chapter, you
are going to learn about form and how to fill a form. What is the
function of filling a form ? We fill a form to give the required
information to certain institution. The information may vary
depending on what kind of form we are filling. It is usually for
meeting the need of data collection. There are many kinds of form
according to the function. The are registration form, application
form, bank form, health form, order or request form, and many others.
What information is usually needed for each form ? We will find out
it together in this chapter.

Before we start,
let’s thank to Allah for the chance to learn English today, and
let’s pray together so that we can understand the materials in this
chapter well. All right, let’s begin the lesson now !


What is form ?

Form means “a
document with blank spaces for information to be inserted”. The
information required in forms is usually quite similar to each other.
Below are some kinds of information you need to fill out a form:

1. Name

This information is
required in all kinds of form. Some forms require the information to
be written in block letters or block capitals. It means you have to
write everything in capital letters. In forms with boxes, leave one
box space between each word.

You may also need to
write a tittle. Pay attention to the kinds of the title below:

Mr. is used for all
men. e.g Mr. Qomar

Mrs. is used for
married woman. e.g Mrs. Qomar

Miss is used for a
single woman (jomblo). e.g Miss Siti

2. Address

This is where you
write about were you live. Write your address as complete as possible

Contact Number

Some forms need
information about your work number and your phone number. Sometimes
you need to choose or write the country code then write your phone

Date and Place of

The abbreviation of
date of birth is DOB and the abbreviation of place of birth is POB.
In writing dates in boxes, write one number in each box. Usually,
there are two boxes for the date. If your birth date is a single
number like 3 and 9, you have to put the number 0 first to fill all
the boxes. Sometimes you write the full number of year (2018), but
sometimes you just need to write the two last numbers (18)


It is located in the
bottom part of the page, usually on the right side. You may be asked
to paste a stamp on the form you are filling. If this is the case,
paste your stamp before signing the form, and write half your
signature on the stamp and half of it on the paper.

Under your
signature, usually you are asked to write down your full name. You
can either write your name as usual or write it all in capital

Kinds of form :

  1. Registration form
    : used when we want to register ourselves into an organization,
    institution, or a membership. We also have to fill in a registration
    form if we want to create new account for social media of online

  2. Application form
    : used when we want to apply for something for example scholarship.
    We also fill an application form to make our extend our passport or
    visa, to donate our blood, or to be a volunteer for an occasion or

  3. Bank Form : used
    to do transactions in banks, such as opening or closing bank account,
    creating debit, credit, or ATM cards, and saving, withdrawing, or
    sending money via teller.

  4. Health Form :
    used in hospitals, clinics, or other health centers or institutions.
    We are sometimes asked to fill a form when we want to get medical
    examination. Sometimes the form about our medical condition or about
    the result of our medical examination is filled by the doctors or
    other medical staff.

  5. Order/Request
    Form : used to request or order something or some service to a
    company or an institution.

Example :

registration form to
create new facebook account: 

Adapted from worksheet Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris tuntas

Now do this exercise >>> 

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