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Jawaban PPG Bahasa Inggris Formatif M1 LA1 Profesional - Personal Lette

Jawaban PPG Bahasa Inggris Formatif M1 LA1 Profesional - Personal Letter

Selamat Pagi teman-teman, kali ini kami akan berbagi Jawaban PPG Bahasa Inggris Formatif M1 LA1 Profesional - Personal Letter.

Jawaban PPG Bahasa Inggris Formatif M1 LA1 Profesional - Personal Letter

Mohon share nilai di kolom komentar ya agar yang lain bisa memanfaatkan juga, kami juga menerima koreksi dan saran di kolom komentar.

Jawaban PPG Bahasa Inggris Formatif M1 LA1 Profesional - Personal Letter

Clifton School

Newport, Gwent


15 September 2012

Dear Tia,

I don't live in England, I live in Wales! Newport is a big town in the south of Wales. It has got a population of 120, 000 people. My school is in the north of the town. Near the school there are shops, offices and cafes.

A lot of students like football. After school they play football in the park near the sea. I don't like football. I go to the swimming pool near the bus station after school. I'm in the school swimming team. I live about four kilometers from school. I don’t walk to school. I go on the school bus. There are a lot of factories near my flat. My mother works in one of the factories. My father doesn't work.

On Saturday mornings I have guitar lessons in my teacher's house near the library and museum. 

Write and tell me about your town and school.

Love, Anne

Cited from ttps://

Question 1 (1 point)

Anne and Tia ....

A. used to be Classmates

B. are close friends

C. lived in the same country

D. were college students

Question 2 (1 point)

Anne's flat was close to ....

A. the factories

B. the museum

C. Clifton school

D. the hospital

Question 3 (1 point)

It is implied in the text that Anne lived in ....

A. Southern part of Wales

B. Close to Clifton School

C. South London

D. New England

Question 4 (1 point)

Tia's answer to the letter would likely be about....

A. the success in her daily life

B. her parents' position at work

C. her marital status

D. the condition of her apartment

Read the text below, and choose the best answer for each questions.

The Rogers

255 Ditchburn Road

Charleston, SC 29414

January 12, 20xx

Dear Joanne,

I really want to thank you for all of the trouble you went to entertaining the entire family over the past holiday season.

I know that you organize these holiday gatherings because you enjoy doing it and you love to have everyone get together at your place. Nevertheless, I just want to make sure that you understand how much the rest of us appreciate everything you do to make these get-togethers happen.

Having helped Susan organize a few much smaller social gatherings over the years I know how much work is involved. I realize how much planning and preparation you must have to do each and every year so that the entire extended family and assorted friends and acquaintances have a happy and fun holiday celebration. It’s amazing really, that you are able to do such a great job, year after year, in parallel with your other duties, both as a mom and an active volunteer worker! 

So Joanne, on behalf of everyone I want to express my sincere thanks to you for all that you do to assemble and entertain us during the holiday season. You really are the glue that holds our extended family together! 

With love and admiration,


Question 5 (1 point)

How did the writer begin the letter?

A. By asking for apology

B. By complimenting

C. By regretting

D. By asking for help

Question 6 (1 point)

What does the word glue mean in (You are really the glue that holds our extended family)?

A. The family bounding

B. To join

C. The connection

D. The link

Question 7 (1 point)

What is the function of the expression (You are really the glue that holds our extended family together) mean?

A. To quit

B. To stop

C. To sign off

D. To leave

Question 8 (1 point)

What is the relation between the sender and the receiver?

A. Family members

B. Close friends

C. Lovers

D. Boss and employee

Question 9 (1 point)

What is the purpose of the text?

A. To complaint about the event

B. To invite to a social work

C. To ask for apology

D. To express gratitude

Question 10 (1 point)

Who is Susan?

A. The sender's wife

B. The sender's close friend

C. The writer's wife

D. The writer's close friend

Semoga bermanfaat

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