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Modul Belajar Seleksi PPPK Bahasa Inggris English for Social Communication

Modul Belajar Seleksi PPPK Bahasa Inggris English for Social Communication

Modul Belajar Seleksi PPPK Bahasa Inggris English for Social Communication - Module 3 which entitles English for Social Communication. Based on the title, this module is aimed at helping the English Foreign Language teachers on how to learn as well as to teach English to their students as a means of social communication. 

English as a foreign language in Indonesia is not used for daily communication in society, but mostly found in literary context in manyfields. That is the reason why English is considered as one of the compulsary learning subjects in schools. 

It is a necessity for EFL teachers in Indonesia to possess sound competence and performance in the English language that is the focus of school instructions. Such mastery is required to ensure the EFL teachers’ effectiveness in planning, delivering as well as assessing their students’ learning achievement. 

This module is aimed at engaging these teachers in learning activities that should lead them to better understanding and command of the target language in EFL school instructions. This module is designed to provide learning activities for the PPG participants to promote their comprehension skills in written texts as well as spoken language. 

Modul Belajar Seleksi PPPK Bahasa Inggris English for Social Communication
Modul Belajar Seleksi PPPK Bahasa Inggris English for Social Communication

Baca Juga Soal dan Kunci Jawaban Modul Pedagogik Seri Guru Belajar Mandiri Calon Guru ASN PPPK

Pembelajaran 1: Teori Belajar

Pembelajaran 2: Karakter Peserta Didik

Pembelajaran 3: Keterampilan Berpikir Tingkat Tinggi

Pembelajaran 4: Desain Pembelajaran

Pembelajaran 5: Dasar Komunikasi

Pembelajaran 6: Konsep Penilaian

Pembelajaran 7: Pengembangan Potensi Peserta Didik

What will you learn from English for Public Information ?

The activities will focus on the knowledge and skills required to comprehend and express explicit and implicit meanings in two text types: (1) Descriptive text and (2) Report text. 

These texts are made available to public to inform readers/viewers about the object being described or reported in relation to the sense, shape, sound, taste and other kinds of perception. In general both typical texts are categorized as “factual texts”. It is often said as “twin brother” of descriptive text. 

But actually to distinguish between Descriptive Text and Report Text is easy, namely the first one gives a specific description ; whereas the latter explains description about objects in general. In other words descriptive text describes a specific object while the report text describes common object. 

Descriptive text is written based on opinions of what the author sees and feels. Then, report text is written scientifically based on the result of deep reserch. It can be concluded that the report text provides information about an event or situation after the holding of investigation and through various consideration. 

The objects of report text are almost the same as those of descriptive text, but the way how the information is given in report text, it can be grouped into four types, those are classifying report, compositional report, comparative report, and historical report. These typical report texts will be studied deeply in this module 3 besides the typical descriptive texts.

This module, English for Public Information, aims to help you to

Know more about the various types of descriptive texts and report texs. Their knowledge and comprehension about both text types will be a big help for them to create both kinds of text and to teach their students meaningfully. 

When they master the materials, they are supposed to know the similarity and the difference of both texts and have good skills in reading and writing of decriptive and report texts so that their writing is very readable and easy to understand. 

Therefore, if they were able to master this lesson well, they might be able to become a great writer.

you can download This module entitles English for Public Information below

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