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Badminton Indonesia Open Schedule 2021 Round 16 Indonesia Open Live Streaming

Round 16 Indonesia Open 2021 Live Streaming
Round 16 Indonesia Open 2021 Live Streaming – Schedule of Round 16 Indonesia Open 2021 will take place on 25 November with 14 Indonesian competitors. Indonesia Open 2021 Live Streaming,  The match opens at 8.00 WIB, MNCTV live at 11.00 WIB – the schedule of the last 16 programs in Indonesia. Opened in 2021 on Thursday (11/25/21) in Nusa Dua, Bali. The opening match will start at 9.00 WITA or 08.00 WIB. The video broadcast starts at 11.00 WIB.

A total of 14 representatives from Indonesia will compete for tickets to the Big 8 Badminton (Quarter-Finals) tournament with a total prize pool of $ 850,000.

A total of 8 Indonesian representatives will participate in Field 2, 3 representatives in Field 3, 1 representative in Field 1 and 2 representatives who have not identified a field location or have TBA status (for notification).

Indonesia’s first match on field 2 began on side 3, a duel between the red and white women’s doubles, the winning pair of two Graicia Poli / Apriyani. Sabangsana Fitriani / Julia Yosefine Susanto

So far, they have never met at any official international competition. even on paper, Gracie / Apriyani has a better chance of winning. But it’s worth the wait, what surprises can happen for the duo Fitriani and Yulia, who often play singles.

An interesting match on Court 2 that is also worth the wait is the twin son of Marcus Fernaldi Gideon / Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo.

This time, the minions will face a double challenge from South Korea, head to head (H2H) Choi Salkyu / Kim Wonho, Markus / Kevin will win 2-0.

Staying on the same pitch in 9th game order, Jonathan Christie’s 6th single will arrive. In this round of 16, Jojo will face his partner Chiko Aura Dvi Vardoyo. The two players have never met in an official international tournament.

Meanwhile, in Round 3, Men, Red and White Mixed Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Pramudya Kusumavardana / Eremia Erich Yoche Yakob Rambitan will try to block the Japanese mixed doubles Takuro Hoki / Yugo Kobayashi.

After winning the Indonesia Masters 2021 Hockey / Kobayashi last week in the last 32 matches of the Indonesian Open 2021 yesterday, they beat Mohammad Ahsan / Hendru Setiawan to finish second.

The only host to have played in the first leg is Febrian’s twin daughter Dwi Puji Kusuma / Amalia Kahaya Prativi. The two young players will face off Malaysia-seeded 8th Perly Tan / Tinaah Muralitaran in Round 3 order.

This is the full schedule of the Reds and Whites for Round 16 of the Indonesian Open 2021, Thursday (11/25/2021).

Field 1 (Court-1)

[ Women Double] Febriana Dwi Puji Kusuma / Amalia Kahaya Prativi (Indonesia) – Pirli Tan / Tinaah Muralitaran (Malaysia) / 3rd round starts at 11.00 WIB.

Field 2 (Court-2)

[Women Double] Graicia Poli / Apriyani Rahayu (Indonesia) – Fitriani / Yulia Yosefine Susanto (Indonesia) / The third match starts at 11.00 WIB.

[Woman Single] Gregoria Mariska Tunjung (Indonesia) vs. Pornopawi Chochuwong (Thailand) / Match 5

[Men Single] Shesar Hiren Rustavito (Indonesia) vs. Rasmus Gemke (Denmark) / Match 6

[Men Double] Marcus Fernaldi Gideon / Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo (Indonesia) vs Choi Solgyu / Kim Wonho (South Korea) / Match 7

[Man Single] Jonathan Christie (Indonesia) vs Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo (Indonesia) / Match 9

[Mixed Double] Adnan Maulana / Michelle Chistin Bandaso (Indonesia) vs Tang Kian Meng / Lai Pei Jing (Malaysia) / Fight-12


Field 3 (Court-3)

[Men Double] Pramudya Kusumavardana / Eremia Erich Yoche Jacob Rambitan (Indonesia) vs. Takuro Hoki / Yugo Kobayashi (Japan) / Match 6 [Men Double] Fajar Alfian / Muhammad Rian Ardianto (Indonesia) vs Muhammad Shogashibul Fikri / Ba (Indonesia) / Match 11 Uncertain Fields (TBD)

[Mixed Double] Hafiz Faizal / Gloria Emanuel Vijaja (Indonesia) vs Takuro Hoki / Nami Matsuyama (Japan) / Fight-12

[Mixed Double] Pravin Jordan / Melati Daeva Octavianti (Indonesia) vs Mathias Christiansen / Alexandra Boye (Denmark) / Match 14.

The complete agenda of the entire match can be seen through ‎‎this link.‎

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