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8 Sketchup Tutorial for Beginners

8 Sketchup Tutorial for Beginners  – How to use Sketchup for beginners. Sketchup is a versatile 3D application, especially for construction and architecture. Why? because this application is quite easy to use for everyone supported by various plugins and free models that can work.

How do you use SketchUp for beginners? This is a question that new users often ask, and in my opinion, there are several important points that will make the process of learning Sketchup easier.

When you first open Sketchup, you will notice a set of toolbars at the top. These are the only plugins we load into Sketchup. You probably have less – and that’s okay! For now, we will focus mainly on the left toolbar. If you don’t see the toolbar, right-click in an empty space on the left side of the screen and make sure “Large Tools Set” is selected.

8 Sketchup Tutorial for Beginners
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Here are 8 Sketchup Tutorial for Beginners you must know.

1.Arrange Keyboard shortcut in SketchUp

It’s important to remember that when using Sketchup for beginners, it’s important to remember that keyboard shortcuts are essential to make your model more efficient!

To see the list of shortcuts, you can go to “windows” > “preferences” and select “shortcuts” from the list. In this window, you can create your own shortcuts or view existing ones.

2. Launch SketchUp

It is important to remember one important thing: to sketch based on faces and lines. Any geometry you create is hollow inside, not a solid object. Let’s start by drawing a simple square.

  • Draw a line : Press “L” to open the line tool. Click the origin point and drag the line along the green axis. Type 5′ and hit enter. If you look in the lower right corner of the “length” field, you will see that your line is 5 feet long.
  • Use Tape Measure Tool :  To check the length of your line again, click on the tape measure to press T on your keyboard. Click and drag the line you are drawing. The length must be 5 meters. Press “ESC” to exit the device.
  • Finish the square : Repeat the same process to draw the rest of the line of the square. You can use the arrow keys to lock certain axes to make sure the lines are parallel to each other. Use the right arrow key to lock the red axis. The left arrow key is fixed on the green axis, and the up arrow key is fixed on the blue axis.

3. Sketchup Navigating for Beginners

  • Orbit : It may take some time to get used to Sketchup. Let’s move on to the practice square we just drew. Click on the “orbit” tool to rotate around the square.
  • Pan tool : Click on the pan tool to move the model vertically or horizontally.
  • Zoom Extents : If you ever get lost in your model, click on the Zoom Extents tool to directly zoom in on what is modeled in your file.

How to use sketchup for beginners, beginner sketch, sketchup tutorials, sketchup for beginners, pan and orbit sketchup. If you click on the center of the mouse, you can use the “orbit” tool. Scrolling up or down will allow you to zoom in and out. If you hold “shift” while orbiting, you can use the “pan” tool.

4. Add Details to Sketchup

  • Push-Pull : Select the push/pull tool. Click on your square and drag it to the top to extrude the shape. Enter 5′ to create a perfect cube.
    how to use beginner sketch, start sketch, sketch tutorial, beginner sketch, cube sketch
  • Add a roof : Open the Line tool and find the center point of the cube. It should automatically snap to that location when you go there. Draw a vertical line and draw another line connecting each corner. Select the center line and click Remove.
  • Push-Pull : Press “P” to open the push/pull tool and push the shape to the back edge of the cube.
  • Erase : If you don’t want to delete a line, you can hold down the Ctrl key, use the Delete tool, and select the line to hide it. How to use sketching for beginners, start sketching, drawing lessons, sketching for beginners, building a house in Sketchup
  • Change height : Click on the “select” tool. Select a roof point (roof). Press “M” to open the “move tool”. Click on the front corner of the roof to move the shape of the house. Press the up arrow key to lock the blue axis and move the shape down.

5. Creating Groups and Components in Sketchup

When modeling, if you want to make sure you organize your objects into groups or components. This way you can edit parts of your object without affecting its entire shape. To create a model group, select an object. Then right click and select “create group”.

Groups and components are the same, but it’s important to know the differences so you know when to use each in your model. A component is a copy of the same, so changing one component will change everything. A group is a single example of a specific geometry. To edit a group, simply double-click the object.

6. Selection Tips in Sketchup

When using Sketchup for beginners, it is important to know how to select objects. If you use the Select tool and drag from top left to right and bottom, it will only select the full instance in the box. If you select from bottom right to top left, all affected fields will be selected.

7. Adding doors and windows in Sketchup

  • Draw a door : Use the rectangle tool to draw the door in front of the ground. Clear face.
  • Center the door :  Choose a door. Hit the center of the door. Hold the Shift key to lock the direction of travel and select the midpoint of the pitched roof. how to use sketchup for beginners, starting sketchup, sketchup lessons, sketchup for beginners, moving doors.
  • Draw a rectangle : Use the Rectangle tool to draw the doorway. Right-click and select Reverse Faces. Moving the face to the right is a good habit if you ever plan on rendering.
  • Create a group : Right click on the door and select “create group”.
  • Rotate : Press “Q” to open the spinning device. Press the up arrow to lock the blue axis. Select the top two corners of the door. Rotate the open 45 degrees. How to use sketchup for beginners, start sketchup, sketchup tutorials, sketchup for beginners, door game.
  • Window drawing : Use the Rectangle tool to draw a square on one side of the house.
  • Make a copy : Select a window. Press “M” to open the movement device. Select a corner of the window and hold “ctrl” to make a copy. Position the copy so that it is symmetrical to the first window. Clean the window surface.
  • Copy Windows : Select both windows. Press “M” to open the movement device. Hold “Ctrl” to make a copy and use the right arrow key to lock the red axis. Drag the copy of the window to the opposite side of the house and click on the person you want to install the windows for. how to use sketchup for beginners, run sketchup, sketchup tutorials, sketchup for beginners, copy window.

8. Scale in Sketchup

  • Draw a cylinder : Press “C” to open the Circle tool. Draw a circle on the roof. Press “P” and push/pull the shape up.
  • Scale : Select the surface of the circle. Press “S” to open the “Scale” tool. Use the green dot to scale down the shape and make it more conical. how to use beginner sketch, start sketch, sketch tutorial, beginner sketch, sketch scale

That is 8 Sketchup Tutorials for Beginners. Hope it will help you learning Sketchup.

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