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Soal Evaluasi Materi Descriptive Text Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester 1

Soal Evaluasi Materi Descriptive Text Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester 1:You pass this test when you reach minimal 7 poin,if your score below 7, please refresh this page by press reload. .

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This text for questions no 1 – 3
The Great Wall, one of the greatest wonders of the world, was listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. Just like a gigantic dragon, the Great Wall winds up and down across deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus, stretching approximately 8,851.8 kilometers (5,500 miles) from east to west of China. With a history of more than 2000 years, some of the sections are now in ruins or have disappeared. However, it is still one of the most appealing attractions all around the world owing to its architectural grandeur and historical significance.
Great Wall of China is the longest structure ever built. It was erected entirely by hand. The main part of the wall is about 3,460 kilometres long. One of the highest sections of the Great Wall, on Mount Badaling, near Beijing, rises to about 11 metres high. This section is about 7.5 metres wide at its base and nearly 6 metres at the top. Watchtowers stand about 90 to 180 metres apart along the wall.
1. We know from the text that Great Wall is ….
A. not a high building
B. located in southeast china
C. built by using high technology
D. built without using technology
E. the longest construction in the world

2. What makes people attracted to come to Great Wall?
A. Its highest and long sections
B. Its longest structure ever built
C. Its location and the condition of the win
D. Its deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus
E. Its architectural grandeur and historical significance.

3. Why did the writer write the text?
A. To identify Great Wall of China
B. To criticize Great Wall of China
C. To promote Great Wall of China
D. To describe of Great Wall of China
E. To compliment Great Wall of China.

This text for questions no 4 – 6
Petruk Cave is one of the leading tourist attractions in Kebumen, Central Java. The cave is located in Dukuh Mandayana Candirenggo village, Ayah District, Kebumen Regency. In the Petruk Cave there is no lighting that illuminates the cave. It is still very natural cave so that Petruk Cave is very dark to be entered. The name is taken from the Punokawan of puppet characters that is Petruk. The cave named Petruk cave because the length of it is like the petruk’s nose.
In the cave there are three floors, the first is a basic cave, Hindu cave and Petruk. The base cave is a short cave, which is just 100 meters away. The cave is used for tourist attractions. Hindu cave is part of the cave that is usually used to put offerings to the ancestor. Inside Petruk there are so many stalactites and stalagmites which are really awesome. If you want to explore this cave, you must be led by guides who are ready to take you through the cave. After arriving at
4. The purpose of the text is to ….
A. inform about tourism in Kebumen
B. tell the readers about Petruk cave
C. explain how to get to Petruk cave
D. acknowledge Petruk Cave
E. promote Petruk Cave

5. What makes Petruk cave worth to visit?
A. It is not far from the beach and waterfall.
B. It has so many stalactites and stalagmites.
C. The cave’s depth is as deep as Petruk’s nose
D. It is the place to put offerings to the ancestor.
E. It’s length is the similar form as Petruk’s nose

6. In the Petruk Cave there is no lighting that illuminates the cave. The underlined word means....
A. lights
B. raises
C. clarifies
D. darkens
E. explains

This text for questions no 7 – 10
Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House, a world-class performing arts venue and iconic Australian landmark, defines the Sydney Harbour in the heart of the city. Designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, the structure is a masterpiece of late 20th-century architecture, despite challenges that plagued the 15-year project before it was formally opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1973. Distinguished by soaring halls with a white ceramic-tiled exterior shaped to evoke the sails of a yacht, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-see Sydney attraction.
The Sydney Opera House is a highlight of any city tour or harbor cruise, and it is well worth an up-close look, too. It’s best explored as part of a guided tour, either a guided walking option that hits highlights of the building's history and architecture or an indepth tour that goes backstage to concert halls, green rooms, and studios usually offlimits to visitors. Given that this is a functioning performance venue, visitors can also experience the Opera House by attending a show, whether pairing a theater performance with dinner as part of an evening package, or dining along the waterfront before a night of ballet.
Attending a performance at the Opera House is a must for music, dance, and theater fans. Tickets for tours and events often sell out, so it’s best to book in advance. Public areas of the complex are wheelchair accessible, and accessible show seating is available for all performances (seats must be pre-booked, and availability is limited).
Unless visiting on a guided tour, travelers are unable to access the Concert Hall and Joan Sutherland Theatre foyers or performance spaces. The Opera House complex contains restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, and outdoor plazas.
7. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To compliment the Sydney Opera House.
B. To promote Sydney Opera House to the readers.
C. To explain about Sydney Opera House to the readers.
D. To identify Sydney Opera House, as a tourist attraction.
E. To retell the writer’s experience in Sydney Opera House.

8. What is the writer’s recommendation in visiting Sydney Opera House?
A. Restaurants and bars are the only place to visit
B. Visitor must accompined by a tour guide
C. Sydney Opera House’s tickets are free
D. Visitors must like music, dance and art
E. Visitors must use wheelchairs

9. The main idea of paragraph 3 is....…….
A. Visitors to Sydney Opera House must buy tickets in advance due to limited seat.
B. Visitors must know several things before going to Sydney Opera House
C. The Sydney Opera House has many facilities that suit wheelchairs
D. Sydney Opera House’s visitors are music, dance, and theater fans
E. The Sydney Opera House is accessible for wheelchairs

10. “..Distinguished by soaring halls with a white ceramic-tiled exterior shaped to evoke the sails of a yacht.” The underlined word has the same meaning as …
A. big
B. wide
C. huge
D. high
E. large

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