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Soal Evaluasi Materi Recount Text Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester 1

Soal Evaluasi Materi Recount Text Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester 1:You pass this test when you reach minimal 7 poin,if your score below 7, please refresh this page by press reload. .

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Read the text and answer the questions that follow by choosing the correct option
The following text is for questions no. 1 to 3.
My favourite sport is marathon running. There is a small town in Greece called Marathon, and the race is called marathon because of a Greek legend. A Greek messenger ran all the way from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce victory. He did it without stopping, but died on arrival! Now there are about 500 marathon races worldwide.
I ran in my first marathon in 2011, and it was fantastic. I trained for four months for the race. Sometimes it was hard, but usually I enjoyed it. There were five thousand runners in my race, and I was one of the last ones to arrive – it took me seven hours and twelve minutes! But that isn’t important. I enjoyed it and felt proud that I finished the 42.195 kilometres. Yes, that’s how far we ran. Now I’m training for my next marathon. If I’m fit enough, I’ll take part in the London Marathon next year.
1. The text tells us about

A. the background to the marathon race and the writer’s own experience.
B. the history of the marathon race and the kind of people who run in it today.
C. the background to the Battle of Marathon and the reasons for victory.
D. details of the writer’s training plan for the London Marathon next year.
E. details of my training plan for the London Marathon next year.

2. How did the writer feel about the race?
A. Disappointed because he was one of the last ones to arrive.
B. Angry because he thought he should have trained harder.
C. Unhappy because it took so long.
D. Pleased that he had managed to complete it.
E. dissatisfied because he couldn’t complete it.

3. ‘… and felt proud that I finished the 42.195 kilometres.’ What is the opposite of the underlined word?
A. pleased
B. ashameda
C. sad
D. superior
E. happy.

4. Arrange the sentences into a good paragraph
1) As we were leaving the house, Toby saw a cat.
2) I got up early and looked out of the window.
3) He pulled me outside and the door slammed behind me in the wind.
4) He began to bark and pull on the lead.
5) I took a shower and got dressed.
6) It was a lovely day so I decided take my dog, Toby, to the park.
7) Unfortunately, my keys were inside.
8) Then I put Toby on the lead and got ready to leave the house.
The best arrangements for the sentences above is …
A. 2 – 5 – 6 – 8 – 7 – 1 – 4 – 3
B. 2 – 6 – 5 – 8 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 7
C. 5 – 1 – 8 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 7 – 6
D. 1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 8
E. 3 – 1 – 5 – 7 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 8

The following text is for questions no. 5 to 7
Ichiro Suzuki is a famous and successful Japanese baseball player. He was born in Toyoyama, Japan in 1973. From the age of seven he practised for several hours a day, trained by his father. By the age of 12, Ichiro knew he wanted to be a professional baseball player. Although some teams were put off because he was so small, he turned professional at the age of 18.
In 1992 Ichiro played in a Kobe’s Orix Blue Wave, but for a long time he couldn’t get into the first team. The manager didn’t like his style. In 1994, a new manager came and promoted Ichiro. By the end of the year he was famous. Japan’s media called him the ‘human batting machine’.
In 2000 Ichiro signed a three-year contract with the Seattle Mariners. He was the first Japanese position player ever to play in America. He immediately started breaking records and making history. He still plays for the Mariners.
5. The text is a….….
A. sports report..
B. description of a baseball match..
C. portrait of a baseball player.
D. history of Japanese baseball.
E. Ichiro’s letter.

6. The text tells us that some teams did not want Ichiro because of his …
A. size.
B. nationality.
C. age.
D. style.
E. selfishness.

7. The text tells us that Ichiro…
A. became a professional baseball player when he was 12..
B. is unknown outside Japan..
C. is still trained by his father..
D. has been playing for the Seattle Mariners since 2000..
E. was a manager of the baseball player..

8. To ensure that they would win the battle, the foreign army … sent to the battle ground, some of which include weaponry and logistical support.
A. be
B. is
C. was
D. were
E. has been

9. The defeat in the Battle of Surabaya … the militia movement only for a while. The heroic spirit had spread out and inflamed others to continue fighting for the country’s independence.....…….
A. hampered.
B. rallied
C. angered
D. refused
E. advanced

10. Sukarno had … wanted the declaration to be read at Ikada Plain, the large open field in the centre of Jakarta, but due to unfounded widespread apprehension over the possibility of Japanese sabotage, the venue was changed to Sukarno's house at Pegangsaan Timur 56. …
A. secondly
B. finally
C. lastly
D. initially
E. eventually

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