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Contoh Narrative Text Example The Green Princess

Sahabat Sangkolan, Berikut ini adalah Contoh Narrative Text Example The Green Princess.

In days of yore, when Shah Mukhayat Sultan of Aceh was resting in the palace,  suddenly he saw a green light from the East. The Sultan immediately called his vizier and  asked what the light was. The vizier was also shocked and could not answer the Sultan's  question. Only the next morning a Sultan's confidant was sent to investigate the light. 

Contoh Narrative Text Example The Green Princess
Contoh Narrative Text Example The Green Princess

The results of the investigation were said that the light came from the body of the Green Princess  in the Old Deli. It was said that the princess was the daughter of the Deli Kingdom - Sultan  Sulaiman. When he died, he left three children. The eldest was named Mambang Jazid, the  second was Putri Hijau (The Green Princess), and the last one was Mambang Khayali. The  sons and daughter of Sultan Sulaiman were considered by his people as the incarnation of  the gods. They were adored as magical people. The Green Princess herself was a beautiful woman. She was called the Green Princess because her body always emitted a green light, especially if she was playing in the park during the full moon.

Having heard the story, Sultan Mukhayat Syah then fell in love, even though the  Sultan had never seen the princess' face before. Having feeling infatuated to the Princess, he, accompanied by his bodyguards, left for Deli to propose the daughter of the Old Deli Kingdom.

Upon arrival in Labuhan, the Sultan immediately sent a courier. Jazid had passionate  spirits, and told her about the Sultan’s wish to marry the graceful Putri Hijau. However,  Putri Hijau rejected Sultan Mukhayat Syah's proposal. Of course the refusal made Sultan  very angry and felt humiliated. Feeling disappointed, He challenged a war. The War ensued and many of his soldiers were killed in the battle.

Finally, the Prime Minister of Aceh discovered a trick, which was thought to be able to defeat the Deli Tua soldiers. The ruse took the form of shooting ringgit money at the enemy camps, in the form of clumps of thorny bamboo that were tightly surrounding the town of Deli Tua. Seeing the ringgit money, the people of Deli Tua, without thinking anymore, immediately cut and cut down the thorny bamboo clumps. As a result, the defense of the city of Deli Tua was destroyed. It was difficult for them to withstand the attack of Sultan Mukhayat Syah's army.

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To withstand further attacks, Mambang Khayali transformed himself into a cannon that could shoot at the enemy. However, while the battle was raging fiercely, he felt very thirsty. He asked the Green Princess for a drink, but his request was denied. According to the Green Princess, it could be dangerous. As a result, his joints felt weak, while he continued to spit out his cannon. Suddenly his body broke in two. The head cannon was bouncing up to Aceh, while the rear remained at the Deli.

Mambang Jazid had the feeling that they would lose the war. He said to Putri Hijau “if you are to be taken prisoner by the Sultan of Aceh, sooner, ask the Sultan to place you in a glass coffin, and Sultan cannot touch you before arriving in Aceh. On arrival in Aceh, you beg the Sultan to order his people to bring offerings each of a chicken egg and a handful  of rice (white rice). All these offerings must be piled on the shore. After the ceremony is over, the lump must be thrown into the sea.” He continued saying “At that time you get out of the glass coffin, burn the incense while calling out my name Mambang Jazid.” After leaving that last message, Mambang Jazid disappeared magically.

What Mambang Jazid predicted came true, Putri Hijau was under arrest then taken as prisoner to the Kingdom of Aceh. Before departing to Aceh, she immediately proposed the conditions as ordered by Mambang Jazid. Sultan Mukhayat Syah granted it. In Aceh the king's ship docked in front of Tanjung Jambu Air. The Sultan ordered his people to hold an offering ceremony as begged by Putri Hijau. All the people fulfilled what she asked.

After the ceremony, Putri Hijau was seen coming out of her glass coffin. In a puff of incense smoke, Putri Hijau mentioned her brother's name. All of sudden there was a gale and heavy rain accompanied by lightning, and the waves were very high and strong. The world was almost doomed. Suddenly came a giant dragon of the waves and the boat went straight to the Sultan. He hit the ship with its tail until the ship split into two and sank immediately. Sultan Mukhayat Syah was safe.

In the chaotic situation, the Green Princess immediately returned to her glass coffin so that when the waves hit the ship, she could float on the sea. The Dragon immediately slid closer to the coffin and lifted the coffin with his head and carried her to the Straits of Malacca.

The movement was so fast that the Sultan could not do anything. He could only  dream, miss, and remember the Green Princess who was already his, but then, disappeared forever.

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