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Cause and Effect ; Complete the Cause and Effect Transactional Conversation

Sahabat Sangkolan, Berikut ini adalah Cause and Effect ; Complete the Cause and Effect Transactional Conversation.

1. Complete the cause and effect transactional conversation given below. Use signal words like because, due to, so, therefore, the reason for, then, etc.

A. This conversation between two friends is about the effects of exercise on our body.

Siti: Hey! Why are you wearing your sports wear?
Edo: I am going for exercise.
Siti: Why? I have never seen you exercising before.
Edo: ...
Siti: ...
Edo: ...
Siti: ...

B. Write a cause and effect conversation on forest fires in Sumatra.
A: ...
B: ...
A: ...
B: ...
A: ...
B: ...
A: ...
B: ...

B. Complete the sentences by using the word because or because of

1. We stayed at home __________ the cold weather
2. I will have to rent a car __________ my car was stolen
3. She didn’t go to the supermarket __________ her sickness
4. You’ll need a flashlight when you go dow into the basement __________ the lights don’t work
5. I am going to ask my friend if I can borrow his calculator fot the tomorrow exam __________ I lost mine
6. All the flights were cancelled _______________ the harsh weather conditions.
7. Diane missed her flight _______________ a traffic delay on her way to the airport.
8. Gareth could pass the examination _______________ he studied hard.
9. He lost his driving licence _______________ he was convicted of drinking and driving
10. He’s very difficult to understand _______________ his accent.

2. Active Conversation

With a partner, think of 2 endangered animals in Indonesia. Why are the animals becoming endangered and how can it be prevented? Write a conversation about it and after that, do a role-play of the conversation you have created. Remenber to use cause and effect signal words.

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3. Writing Connection

1. Causes and effects of flooding in Jakarta

2. Causes and effects of corruption

3. Causes and effects of bullying on teenagers

4. Let's Create / Contribute

Choose one of the following topics for your project.

1. Effects of smoking

2. Extreme weather due to global warming

3. Effects of global warming

With your partner, explore the consequences of your topic by writing the cause on the roots of the tree and the effects on the branches.

Once you are done, you can present your work in class using one of the following forms: video, comic strip, PowerPoint presentation, or a blog.

Demikian artikel terbaru kami mengenai Cause and Effect ; Complete the Cause and Effect Transactional Conversation, Semoga Bermanfaat.

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