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Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris XI 2 : Offers and Suggestions


Please read and write it down in your book.

Good morning
students, welcome to the eleventh grade.

In this chapter you
are going to learn about the expressions of suggesting. Before we
start this lesson let’’s pray to Allah so that we can understand
the materials in this chapter well.

As the materials I
gave you last week, we know that suggestion is an idea or plan put
forward for consideration. In our life, sometimes we need to ask for
other’s suggestion. On the other hands, we sometimes give our
suggestion to other as well. Do you know how to ask for and give
suggestion ? You will find out about some expressions you can to ask
for and give suggestion in this chapter.

Now, pay attention
to this situation. When your friend wants to go home but the sky is
dark and it seems like it will rain soon. If you are in this
situation, what will you suggest to your friend whose house is quite
far from school ? Yes, you may say, “You’d better go now.” or “
You’d better use the umbrella or raincoat.” Those are expressions
of giving suggestion. When someone gives a suggestion to you, you can
either accept the suggestion or reject it politely. You will also
find some more examples of how to accept and reject suggestion in
this chapter.

Well, lets’ begin
the lesson now !

Expressions of

Suggestion is an
idea or plan put forward for consideration or act of suggesting.

Here are some more
expressions of asking and giving suggestions and their responses ( I
already gave other expressions last week) .

1. Asking for

  • What should i do ?

  • Do you think i ought

  • What do you think i
    should ….?

  • Do you have any
    ideas about ….?

  • Should i try to talk
    him about this matter again ….?

  • If you were me, what
    would you do ?

  • If you were in my
    situation, would you ….?

  • Do you have any
    suggestions for me ?

  • Can you give some
    more suggestions ?

  • Do you have any
    suggestions/recommendation about ….?

  • Can you recommend….?

2. Giving

  • Try…..

  • How about ….?

  • Why don’t you ….?

  • If i were you, I'd …..

  • I suggest that we …..

  • I think you’d better…..

  • I recommend you to …..

  • I’d say that you’d better …..

  • My recommendation is that …..

  • It would probably be a good idea to…..

3. Responding to

a. Accepting Suggestion

  • WHAT a good idea

  • That’s a good suggestion

  • That sounds good/great

  • That sounds like a good idea

  • That hadn’t occurred to me

  • That never entered my mind

  • I hadn’t thought that

  • I’ll do so. Thank you for your suggestion

b. Rejecting Suggestion

  • I don’t think it’s good idea

  • That’s a bad suggestion

  • I can’t do that

  • Thanks for your suggestion, but i’d rather not do so

  • That would be difficult to do

  • Oh, that’s a little too…..

  • I don’t know …

Cek video untuk lebih lengkapnya

Example :

Andre     : We still
need money to make proposal, Do you have an idea to have money ?

Rohman : How about
trying to sell pop ice to our friend ?

Siska      : That’s
good idea, Let’s try it.

Now do the exercise 2 >>>HERE<<<

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