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SketchUp Tutorial : How To Make SketchUp Keyboard Shortcut

SketchUp Tutorial How To Make SketchUp Keyboard Shortcut – Here we give you An easy way to create a SketchUp Shortcut Keyboard. A keyboard shortcut is a combination of several keys that, when pressed at the same time, can respond to the execution of a command we need, or, more clearly, a keyboard shortcut is a shortcut key for executing a command on a computer.

The use of possible beginner shortcuts is often overlooked. In fact, this is the shortcut that affects the speed of our simulation the most.

At first, it can be very difficult to remember all the labels that are there, but this is the most necessary thing to make a quick model.

How To Make SketchUp Keyboard Shortcut

An Easy Way to Create a SketchUp Shortcut

Have you ever caught yourself using the same tool once and wondering why there is no Sketchup shortcut for it? It can really be a pain when you want to use the quick tool and have to press the same three buttons over and over again…

It is Not fun. Lucky for you, there’s a quick and easy way to create your own Sketchup shortcuts for the tools you use often! Follow these simple steps below and you’ll be up and running on your project in no time.

1.Create a SketchUp Shortcut
Here is a simple way to Create a SketchUp Shortcut.

  • Click on Window > Preferences > Shortcuts.
  • Click Window > Preferences and select Shortcut in the System Preferences window.
  • On the right side there will be a list of features to choose from.
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  • Tools/section plane. Select “tools/section planefrom the list of functions. In the Add Label box, enter the letter or symbol you want to use for the label.
  • Try to come up with symbols that match the device so that they are easy to remember. In this case, “/.”
  • Click +. When you have selected a symbol, click the “+” to assign it. If the letter or symbol has already been used, a window will appear asking if you want to change the symbol again. Please select “yes” if you wish. If you want to choose a different character, choose “no” and try a different one.
  • Press ok. When you successfully assign a character, you will notice that the letter or character you selected now appears in the Assigned field. Click OK to close the System Preferences window and test the new shortcut.

2. How to Check the SketchUp Shortcut

Press Tools > aircraft parts. If you hover over the device > plane section, you will see the assigned symbol next to it. This is a quick way to see assigned characters if you need to be quickly reminded of what you have selected.

Press /. Press “/” (or whatever symbol you specify) and the part plane tool should automatically appear. Now you can quickly access aircraft parts tools with the click of a button! No more pressing a bunch of buttons to get to your device.

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That is SketchUp Tutorial : How To Make SketchUp Keyboard Shortcut. Hope it will help you to have faster design.

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